Thursday, 25 October 2018

On the box

So now that the new seasons of the shows have started, I'm going to try to layer this into the blog.  Hopefully, this will mean more posts throughout the week, alongside the ones for comics etc.

Bear in mind - as with comics - I tend to avoid previews as much as I can, so there will likely be instances of surprise on my part which some readers might have a "well, d'uh, they revealed that in an article on such-and-such-a-website".  I also don't watch the 'next time on' sections that show up at the ends of episodes.  As a result of this, one such surprise, for me, was the reveal of a new actor over on The Flash.  I was, literally, on the sofa wondering, "Is that?" and then I checked on a popular online database and found that it was.

So, as a heads-up, the main shows I'll be posting about are:
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow

I'm really behind on Arrow (I only saw the first few episodes of the last season) but will be watching the Elseworlds crossover episode, and will try to catch up at some point.

I've been meaning to check out Gifted but haven't gotten round to it.

Titans isn't available in the UK yet.

There are a few other shows I watch here and there, but they're usually when time allows rather than something more regular/consistent like the ones above.

Also, Halloween is coming up so there may be some horror reviews, if I get time and depending on what we get around to watching.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know J

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