Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Likes and Dislikes about 'The Amazing Spider-Man' movie


- Gwen being intelligent
- Gwen not being a damsel in distress
- Gwen and the ‘flamethrower’!
- Spidey’s combat acrobatics – especially in the school
- Flash’s growth
- Flaming car (a little like the cable car scene but with a very simple choice – and important here as it served to show Peter that there is more he can do with the abilities he now has)
- Vigilante Peter
- SWAT team taking Peter down
- The interactions between Gwen and Peter
- The girl who has a bit of a thing for Peter (silent crush)
- Peter standing up to Flash (prior to The Bite) was good to see


- Scenes from the trailers and teasers being cut from the movie (although the ‘doorman scene’ was too much like the Raimi stuff so that being cut is fine)
- The fight on the train was a tad messy (granted, it’s instinct kicking in, but the frame cuts, etc, were too jerky and some of the moves just didn’t ‘fit’)
- What happened to the ‘secret of his parents’ stuff?
- Vigilante Peter (yes, it falls in both categories)
- Captain Stacy dying
- Lizard’s uber-enhanced regeneration abilities – seemed better than Wolverine’s!
- Some of the ‘first person’ view CGI effects were…poor.
- No JJJ


- There’s, potentially, a lizard-rat roaming around out there…
- I doubt the ‘guy in the shadows’ is Norman (it’s could be Professor Miles Warren)
- Peter (in the movie) designed the web shooters, not the actual webbing (with the amount of webbing out there, it would have been pretty straight forward for the police to trace it back to him)
- Although I don’t think it was their intent, Peter being unable to help Ben (for fear of compounding things and killing him) can be construed (yes, yes, he was dying/dead from the gunshot wound, but Peter tore a tap off without trying, administering some form of CPR on his uncle would have been wrong on his part)
- Why was Peter not as pro-active about his education and science future as Gwen?

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