Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Go beyond the physical

Ramadan’s almost here!
One of the beautiful gifts bestowed on mankind is the art of cooking (some call it a science, but, whatever ;) ).  It’s something which, generally speaking, is often overlooked.  Yes, we have dozens of cooking shows, celebrity chefs, awesome parents etc, but the blessing we’ve been given in being able to do the things with food, spices and so forth, is…well…beautiful.
Those of us who will be fasting for the month ahead should bear in mind (and spare a thought for, at the very least) those of the Family of Man whose stomachs stay empty for days on end.
All of us (and you can choose not to believe if you so wish, that’s up to you) will be brought to account on a number of things (including, but not limited to):
-         how we spent our time
-         how we spent our wealth
-         how we shared our knowledge
-         how we helped others
-         how we used our bodies
For Muslims, this month brings with it so many blessings that, for those of us who take the time to ponder, it’s awe-inspiring.  We can agree to disagree, but life in general is full of blessings (seen and unseen) that are, themselves, awesome when pondered, that the fact that Allah (swt) has magnified all that in the Blessed Month is just…breathtaking.
I know, I know – some will say I’m speaking in hyperbole.  Like I said earlier, you can choose not to believe if you so wish.
Hand in hand with belief, though, is action.  To take steps to promote positive change; to do things which enhance the lives of those around you; to be a good neighbour, friend, sibling, relative and so on.  Time and time again, Allah (swt) says: ‘Those who believe and do good deeds’…they go hand in hand.
I raise my hand and admit that I don’t do anywhere near as much as I should do – but I hope and pray that (Insha’Allah) I’ll be able to do more and, Insha’Allah, be able to encourage others.
Please try to make a difference for those around us who are in need.
Remember, ‘fasting is bestowed on us…that we may attain taqwa (God Consciousness/Awareness), so go beyond the physical.

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