Thursday, 28 June 2012

A brief introduction

(In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


So this little speck of the interweb is my little ‘soapbox’ where I will primarily discuss, rant, rave etc about two things:

- Islam


- Comic Books

On occasion I may discuss a movie or television show and, rarely, something political.  I may also slip in something about exercise or sports – but that doesn’t really matter since almost no one is going to be reading this, anyway ;)

To give you some insight about me, here’s a brief ‘overview’:

-          first, and foremost, I’m Muslim (Alhumdulillah)
-          I’m British (born and raised) and am uber-grateful to have been blessed with being that
-          I primarily read DC, but less now than pre-nu52
-          I enjoy a range of shows (Fairly Legal, Big Bang Theory, Community, and so on)
-          I enjoy various movie genres but, and here’s the important bit:
o   I’ve never seen the Alien movies from start to finish
o   I’ve never seen Predator all the way through

To some, the above ‘revelations’ will mean my ‘discussions, rants, raves, etc’ are not worth their time and attention. 


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