Friday, 29 June 2012

Batman (as at 29 June 2012)

One of the things which bugs me about the reveal of TWJ is that SS spent quite some time putting forward aspects of the Wayne family history, especially in the early issues of the ‘mega-arc’, but that was ‘ancient’ history – several generations before Bruce, or even Thomas S.  Personally, that would have been the opportune moment to slip in the tidbit of ‘the lost younger brother’.

Similarities and differences.  There were underlying threads of these ‘character facets’ in SS’s narrative and the loss of a brother of Alan Wayne, for example, could have served as a reflective moment for Bruce.  Would it have come across a little forced?  Perhaps – but, in light of the fact that we were starting a ‘new continuity’, I think it would have been somewhat more acceptable than what we have been (at the moment) presented with.

It could also have served as a point of misdirection further down the line…

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