Thursday, 20 December 2012

Another rant

Okay, so the Hep vaccination was used as a cover to locate and target OBL, but when you KNOW, tangibly and irrefutably, that the number of those with polio has gone up, on what frigging basis are you risking the lives of children because 'it might be a way for those against us to spy on us'?!

Let them spy on you!

Of course, some will say something along the lines of 'it's not us, it's the West trying to make us look bad', but that's just excusing the situation.  Turn it around on its head.  Give the workers the protection they need.

No, I'm not referring to the Pakistani government/army giving protection; I'm suggesting the Taliban and other gangs give the protection.

I know, a shocking suggestion.

Embrace the fact that those being directly affected by polio are a part of the potential Pakistan holds.  Recognise that they need nurturing and protecting, not used as shields or 'collateral damage'.

If it's not 'you' (Taliban) conducting the attacks, then step up and protect those you were supposed to be protecting.  Stop being the self-serving hypocrites you currently are.

If it is 'you' (Taliban) doing this, then wake up to the fact that you (according to your beliefs) will be brought before your Lord to account for what you did, what you encouraged, and what you allowed to do.  Ponder the consequences your actions and inaction holds.

Stop tearing things down, blowing things up and preventing the enhancement of life, and help build!  Nurture, learn and develop.

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